Proposal for Development of a Strategic and Tactical Plan for the Technical Council


1. Communications

        Web site features


        Lecture series (topics, on-line, regional forums)


2. TWG

        Develop Operating Procedures

        Identify Organizational Structure

        Identify issues that are delegated to TWG (focus, cross cutting/coordination)

        Relationship with SDOs


3. Industry Survey (complement 12-in-12 group)

        Adopt previous survey instruments (do we need a focused effort)


4. Framework for Standards Endorsement

        How and when do we endorse?


5. TWG Activities

        BSI: publish document; should this committee be sunsetted?

        LRG: scope of work from proposal; publicize face-to-face meeting

        12-in-12 (soon to be published)

        Develop guidebooks for Data Interfaces and Communications:

o       reactivate Data Interfaces?

o       Set up Communications (include SAE J1708, J1939 and IEEE 1473L)

        Set up committee to work on Universal Interface Unit proposal (find champion for effort)


Tactical Issues

        Use Lecture series to generate interest in TWG activities or to start TWG activities

        How to publicize activities to a wider audience?