Radio Technology Forum

Update: 21 OCT 2003 

NYCT's CBTC Radio Technology Forum minutes summarize issues involving RF-CBTC by some of the world's foremost experts on this subject. Topics include key technical, commercial, and RF licensing issues and diverging paths now being taken by three leading train control suppliers, radio suppliers and consultants, and others on how best to marry RF with CBTC. Unfortunately, TSD recently received a request to remove these minutes and (reluctantly) TSD complied by removing TSD links to the original minutes and replacing these minutes with this new page containing only the agenda. 

Because of its value to the train control industry we soon hope to provide a summary of these minutes. However, it may be possible to obtain a copy of the original minutes by contacting NYC Transit directly. Also, Google's search engines often retains copies of indexed documents for a limited time in its cache memory. Thus, it may be possible to locate a copy by searching Google for: "Radio Technology Forum." If a TSD web page is returned, try clicking on "Cached." 

Additional discussion on NYCT's RF-CBTC Data Communications System may be found here on TSD's Discussion Forum under Train Control

NYCT CBTC Radio Technology Forum
Tuesday, January 14, 2003
9:30 AM
498 Seventh Avenue, 16th Floor


1) Contractor Proposed Radio System Presentations

    a) Alcatel (<20 minutes)

    b) Alstom (<20 minutes)

    c) Siemens (<20 minutes)

2) RATP (< 20 minutes)

3) NYCT Effort to Obtain Licensed Narrow Band Frequency (Telcordia; < 30 minutes)

    a) Status and likely schedule

    b) Benefits of narrow band solution

    c) Characteristics of new frequency

    d) Frequency/channel assignment plans

4) Contractors Response If a Narrow Band Solution Would Be Required On Flushing Project (<30 Minute response per contractor)

    a) Technical reasons why a narrow band solution is or is not recommended

    b) Would Contractor be able to comply with a narrow band requirement?

    c) What is Contractorsí commercial impact of a narrow band requirement for Flushing?

    d) Contractors recommendations if narrow band solution is not technically or commercially feasible

5) Round Table Discussion On Industry Trends and Synergies With Other CBTC Projects

6) Round Table Discussion To Reach Consensus On Narrow Band Approach

7) Round Table Discussion Of Different Wide Band Solutions

    a) Follow 802.11 standard or other industry standards

    b) Specific proprietary radio design for CBTC application

    c) How closely is Contractors CBTC design linked to